Review on the I♡Makeup Naked Chocolate Palette.

Hi guys!

So recently, I treated myself to the I heart makeup Naked Chocolate pallet – as I was desperately in need of a makeup pallet that has bown moavey and brown tones in – as my collection was verging on the peachy/pinky side of things. Honestly, this pallet does not disappoint. All the colours are absolutely stunning, and although in the pan they look similar – they’re all so beautiful in their own way.

Secondly, the consistency and pigmentation is amazing. Every single shadow is so buttery and creamy – so it goes on and blends out like a dream. However, i do find that its easier to use my finger with a lot of these shimmer shades – as I struggle to get enough pigmentation with a flat brush. Then again, the pallet is only .£8.99 so I don’t mind too much, as you cant expect it to act the same way as a £40 eye shadow pallet.

That aside, the colours look so stunning on the eyes and is really easy to build up to get your desired intensity.

Overall, if you’re looking for a neutrals pallet with a pop of pink and gold, then id highly recommend this pallet as in my opinion, its one of the best drugstore pallets due to its colour selection and quality. Also, if you guys would like me to create some looks using this pallet then let me know, and ill see what I can do! x

– littleharto x

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