My Current Favorite Lipsticks ( April 2016 )

Hey guys!

So after sorting out my makeup, I found some amazing lipsticks amongst my lipstick collection. ( Honestly, its getting a bit out of hand now 😂) So here are a few of the ones I love , that stand out the most amongst the bunch.


My first one is a Makeup Revolution lipstick in the colour “Duel Matte”. The actual lipstick itself looks quite deep and berry toned, when in actual fact it comes out much lighter on the skin. Although i do wish it was true to its word and more berry toned, its still very pretty and long lasting  which does make up for that factor.



Another lipstick that ive loved lately, is an Avon one in the colour Golden Nude. This colour is so pretty, and goes so well with a golden highlighter and goldy-Brown eye look, making it perfect for spring!



Im not 100% sure where this lipstick is from as it was a gift from 2 years ago for my prom makeup look. Honestly, after prom i’d forgotten all about it until I found it when I was clearing my makeup out, and I fell in love all over again. The Candy Sugar lipstick isnt everyone’s cup of tea, but the peachy-coraly colour is so beautiful and can be either dressed up or down to suit your mood or occasion.



Finally, my all time favorite is the Loreal Julianne’s Pure Red lipstick. Its so long lasting and is a colour that could look good all year around. Plus I do love a good matte lipstick as much as the next girl. I got it from Boots, although I don’t think its still in stock as it may have been limited edition. Hopefully they bring it back one day, because its definetly my favourite lipstick out of my whole collection!



That’s all for now guys. In the comments, tell me what your favorite lipsticks are at the minute. Id love to know.

-littleharto ♡

My 5SOS Concert Experience

Hey guys.

So last thursday ( the 14th of April)  I went to go and see 5SOS live at their Sounds Live Feels Live tour in Birmingham. This was my first ever concert so I didn’t really know what to expect, but I was far from dissapointed.

( I also appologize for the quality of the photos – I wasnt fussy when taking them as I wanted to enjoy my time there, rather than faffing around taking 474286 pictures 🙈)

Anyway, lets get into it….

Well firstly, let me tell you the frustration I felt. Me and my friends were sat in Starbucks in the NEC looking through Twitter. Everything was chilled, but one of the 5SOS update accounts posted saying Luke was meeting fans outside the back of the arena. So me and my friends ran across the street, but ending up missing him by 13 minutes. It’s safe to say, that will irritate me for the rest of my life.

However, I did meet some lovely girls there, so it wasnt all bad. Unfortunately I didnt get their names ( appart from 2) so if you happen to read this, thanks for making me feel so included and not so awkward in the line that day. 💖

After getting some merch in the arena, we all found our seats and waited for the support act. Jessarae was incredible – much better than id expected. To me, his music sounds a little bit like country, and the few songs we did hear were beautifully written with a lot of meaning. Before seeing him live I probably wouldnt have found his music, but after being so charmed by him I’ll definetly be making the effort to keep up to date with his music.

As this was my first ever concert, I wasn’t sure what to expect when 5SOS came on. I knew theyd be loud, but I never anticipated the adrenalin it gives you. As soon as the lights go down and the crowd screams, you don’t even think about it before youre screaming along too. Plus the sheer excitement of someone youve listened to for years being infront of you is an unbelievable feeling.

I also loved how carefree I felt at the time. Normally, id probably be very self concious so wouldnt sing and dance infront of people – but once youre in there surrounded by others doing the exact same thing your worries leave you. Youre insecurities are left at the arena doors, and it feels like time isn’t passing as you truly understand what it is to feel alive.

Also, I recommend just listening when the crowd sings to the act, or take a few seconds to stop dancing, breathe and look around you when the whole arena is lit and sparkling with thousands of flashlights. Its such a breathe taking and slightly overwhelming feeling. Its so beautiful and very nearly brought me to tears in Amnesia – it was just indescribable.

Moving onto what 5SOS actually did, they were so interactive with us. You could tell they enjoyed how “rowdy” and “lively” ( Luke and Michael’s exact words) the crowd was. They told us little stories, got us to get involved ( we attempted to copy Michael’s low notes – him forgetting were not all 20 year old australian boys), and joked around a little bit. They were also so happy and enthusiastic, which encouraged the crowd enjoy every minute of it as we didnt stop dancing and singing our hearts out for the full hour and a half. Im sure there wouldve been a lot of sore throats and lost voices the next morning 😂

I feel like this post was hard to write as its difficult to capture how amazing the experience was with words – but all I know is it was a night ill never forget.




Nominated for the Liebster Awards

Firstly, sorry this isnt a tuesday upload like normal, but this whole concept made me feel like making a quick, spontaneous post. ( And yes, I still have a post ready for tuesday so dont worry!)

Anyway, I was nominated by @beautylabs93 for the Liebster Awards. Its basically an award for bloggers to nominate and discover blogs, as well as giving them the recognition they deserve.

Thank you so much to people who choose to read by blog, let alone like, comment or follow. It makes me so happy and motivated to know that people recognise my efforts, and that just doing what makes me happy can be enjoyed by others too. 💖

🌼Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you
🌼Answer the 11 questions the blogger gives you
🌼Nominate 5-11 bloggers that you think are deserving of the award
🌼Let the bloggers know you nominated them
🌼Give them 11 questions of your own

Here are the questions I was asked.

1.Have you traveled?
Yes, although I probably wouldnt alone as its so stressful. Inside the UK ive been to liverpool, milton keynes, Stratford and birmingham. I’ve also planned to go to Sorrento ( Italy ) with dad next year, and have been to Tenerife a few times. Theyre all so lovely, id definetly recomend them.

2.Whats the one product you cant live without?
Concealer (specifically, Rimmel’s wake me up concealer)

3. Do you have a day job?
Nope. Im currently in the middle of my college course, so dont think id be able to juggle assignments and a job. Its a must that I get a job once my college course is over though.

4. What is your favourite post on your blog?
They’re not up yet, but are written and  shall be up over the next 2 tuesdays. Watch this space 😏

5. What inspires your blog posts?
Probably just the fact that because im an anonymous blog, i can write whatever I like without feeling limited, and worrying about judgement ( this is not to be confused with mean online trolls though). I mean this in a way where i can freely talk about sexuality, including my own, coming out and self acceptance – where as if i wasn’t anon im 99.9% people in my class would find it, and take the piss. I guess anon is kind of like my safe place, to truely, unapologeticically and honestly express my opinions on big topics.

6. Any hidden talents?
I guess this is my hidden tallent, as no one  in real life knows I have a blog, and people online seem to enjoy reading my posts. ( is that a cop out answer? 😂)

7. Who is your role model?
I feel like this is obvious – but Hannah Hart. (MyHarto on youtube) without her, I probably wouldnt have had the guts to speak up and try to be heard, when it comes to things like sexuality.

8. What is your favourite beauty brand?

9. What got you into blogging?
Ive always been creative and loved writing, plus sometimes I iudt need a creative outlet as im a bit of a worrier.

10. Sweet or savory?

Sweet – I may have a slight obsession with chocolate bourbons.

11. Whats your favourite song?
Voodoo Doll or Money by 5SOS.

I nominate:


My questions to you:

1. Were/are you a good student?
2. Do you believe in the whole “one true love” and “soulmates” concept? Why?
3. Favorite thing to bake?
4.If you could be a Disney princess/Prince for a day, who would you be?
5. Whats one thing you regret?
6. Perks of having a blog?
7. Would you rather have nice hair and bad makeup, or bad makeup with nice hair?
8. Ever been to a concert?
9.Most difficult thing about travel?
10. Regular tea or herbal tea?
11. Favorite dunking biscuit?

Thats all for now, I cant wait to see your answers. Also, dont forget to spread the positivity and happiness by nominating your own favorite blogs!

*Sends all the big squishy hugs*

-littleharto ♡

Dear Future Me.

Hey guys.

So as of now, I wanted to start making slightly deeper blog posts. I’ll still be doing beauty, baking and lifestyle, but id also like to attempt to talk about more serious subjects like sexuality, coming out, self acceptance etc. These are all subjects I relate to myself, so maybe talking about them with you guys will benifit you too. ( also a perk of being an anon blog, I can be completely honest without fear of in real life people knowing its me. I guess you could call me Hannah Montana 😂)

Anyway, lets get into it.

Dear future me.

Firstly, how are you? I hope youre happy, and have finally dropped all those silly little worries and doubts. None of the feelings you felt in college matter now, as hopefully you wouldve worked on them so you not only deal with situations better – but have also allowed yourself to grow and be a better person. 18 year old me always stuck to the quote “Be a warrior, not a worrier” – I wonder if thats remained with you, and stayed true to you.

While were still in the topic of college – how did you go with those A Levels? Are you in that full time nursery job, like youve wanted since the age of 15? Remember in the start of September you didnt believe in yourself and felt like quitting more times than you could count – well hopefully thats all just a distant memory now as you keep being sucessful and look into the future.

Onto a deeper subject – how are you dealing with your sexuality? Have you opened up to everyone yet? Dont worry if you havent, theres no rush, but whatever you do – don’t let it consume you and turn you into a bitter, sad person. Youve seen first hand what happens if a person does that. No matter what stage of the coming out process youre in – please dont become that person. You’re better than that.

Finally, I hope you took care of yourself mentally; and still take regular walks to calm down. No matter what happens, sometimes you need to put your work down and take a deep breathe – after all, theres a fine line between working hard, and over working yourself.

Stay happy.

From, 18 year old me.

-littleharto ♡

Makeup Revolution Haul

Hey guys.

So in Stratford, I went to Superdrug to try and find some Makeup Revolution products, after seeing so many positive things about them online. If I could, I would’ve brought one of everything as it was all amazing, but unfortunately I had limited money and time so picked up these things…

The first thing I bought was the I ♡ Makeup, Death By Chocolate pallet. These eyeshadows are so pigmented and are easy to blend out, allowing you to create some stunning looks. Also, can we take a moment to appreciate how both the packaging is adorable, and the eye shadow really does smell like chocolate! Its definetly a perfect dupe for some of the two faced makeup, if you want a cheeper alternative thats good quality.



Another eyeshadow pallet I love is the Flawless pallet. These colours range from light pinks and browns that make a suntle every day look, to navy blues with silver shimmer, to create a special night out look. Again, the colours are very pigmented, and the packaging just looks so professional and classy.



Moving onto lipsticks, Ive always been a fan of a red lip with a nude eye so picked up the Duel Matte rosegold lipstick. This lipstick is such a beautiful red, although it comes out slightly brighter on the lip. Also, id reccomend moisturising your lips before putting it on, as matte lipsticks can be sometimes dry them out. Besides this, I still think the quality of the lipstick is good, so will definetly be reaching for it a lot in the near future.


As I’m not a big fan of blusher, and have lots of bronzer, I feel like having a good highlighter is a must. This is why I picked up the Vivid Baked highlighter. The thing I love most about this is that it had a little bit of shimmer in it, giving you the most beautiful, glowing skin. Its perfect accompaniment to create a goddess-like, sunkissed look with a good quality bronzer!


Lastly, I bought a the Amazing Makeup Fixing spray, as I often find that my makeup fades throughout the day so needs a little something to keep it looking fresh and new.


Thats all guys! If you have any makeup revolution favorites, let me know in the comments, as id love to try more of their products in the future.

-littleharto ♡