My personal goal to happiness.

Hi guys

Im just putting this here because maybe, if its published and out their, ill stick to this better. I hope so anyway. (If youre here for a proper blog post maybe look else where on my blog, as i wouldnt class this as a proper one)

I need to learn, to be comfortable being alone again. Ive confused wanting a relationship, with wanting to stop being lonely which is not okay.

I need to learn to enjoy my own company and to fill it with lots of things that I enjoy, such as shopping, netflix, reading, blogposts, baking ect.

I also need to make the most of surrounding myself with family and friends when i do see them.

I need to work on myself and my own personal goals (eg learning to drive). I need to make sure im always being the best version of me

I need to practice being happy again. Then, when im more secure in myself, i can start trying to make new friends.

This is not me. Somewhere along the way i became reliant on others creating my happiness, but honestly, i need to do that all on my own.

My Top 3 Jeffree Star Liquid Lipsticks

Hi guys. So, normally I’m not a huge fan of liquid lipsticks. I just never seem to get on with them due to their formulas… until now. Jeffrees Liquid Lipsticks, are in my opinion, a game changer. Now I refuse to buy them from any other brand, and just save up for Jeffrees as I’ve well and truly fallen in love. So, here are my top 3 and why I love them.

Mannequin – Mannequin is such a pretty, natural peachy colour. Its perfect for everyday wear, and can be used to create such a fresh spring/summer makeup look. Much like all of Jeffree’s liquid lip products, its very long lasting, pigmented and although its a little drying, its not dried out my lips as much as other brands – so im not mad at it. In my opinion, its perfect for people who are a bit afraid of bold lip colours, but want a little something.

Gemini – This is such a stunning pink shade, again perfect for Spring/summer time. It can be used for both day and night looks and truthfully, I feel so confident and good about myself when I wear it. (You know how red lips make some girls feel? This gives me that feeling.) Agaim, the formula is the same as Mannequin.

Unicorn Blood – Finally, this lipstick is perfect for autumn, winter, and nights out. Its a deep burgundy colour. Although this colour is lovely, like most red toned lipsticks, you’d need to use a lipliner before applying this – or else it can get a little messy. However, once its on and dry it doesn’t budge, much like the others.

Thats all guys, what do you think about them? Do you own any? x

-littleharto ♡

How I bullet Journal

Hi guys.

So, lately, ive had a messy head and had to remember lots of things. Im also a creative person, so need a place to put my ideas down. Therefore, I decided to try bullet journalling to try and organise things, as I was starting to become super stressed.

Heres how I lay out my journal :

As you can see, I like lists. I tend to keep my layout super simple like this, as its easy to read and tick things off as I go. I find tick lists also make me feel very accomplished and motivated, when im struggling to get started. Plus, im not the best at art – so find this layout easier to do, rather than attempt drawing out a complicated, insta worthy page. However, i do enjoy little doodles.

I also like bullet journalling because writing things down helps me to remember them. My good friend gave me some amazing advice the other day, so I wrote it down so id remember it.

Finally, I bullet journalling helps me organise my finanses and be an adult (I didnt take a photo of this page, as its super personal.). Just writing it all out and doing the maths is super helpful, and helps keep me on track.

Thats all guys.

Do you guys Journal? If so, what do you put in yours? Let me know in the comments below.