Makeup Revolution – Rose Gold Lipsticks

Hey guys!

So about a week ago, I went shopping and purchased a Makeup Revolution Rose Gold lipstick in thr shade “Chauffeur”. As theres so much hype over these lipsticks, this was the only shade left at the time – so I’m currenly unable to give my opinion on the other shades.

However, im still super happy with this lipstick, so even though it was the last of the bunch, im glad I still picked one up.

Firstly, what can I say? The packaging of this lipstick is absolutely stunning. I adore rose gold at the minute so was bound to fall in love with it, and it also just looks so classy. I love how its a bullet shape cap so closes easily and the lid doesnt come off and float around in my bag. Plus, like all Makeup Revolution Lipsticks, its got a bit of collour at the bottom, so you can see exactly what youre getting.

Onto the actual product, its a lovely brown toned nude. It can compliment so many makeup looks, as well as give a slight shimmer for that extra wow factor!

However, my one slight niggle is that it isnt completely true on the lips and skin, as it is to the bullet. On the skin its a slightly lighter colour and less pigmented than it first seems – although its still very buildable and looks great on the lips. For that reason, I dont mind so much.

Thats all for now guys! Whats your favorite rose gold lipstick? If you dont have them yet, do you plan on getting any?

– littleharto  ♡