Review on the Soph x Makeup Revolution Highlighter Palette.

Hi guys!

So a few weeks ago for my 20th birthday, I received the Soph X Revolution pallet. I swear its honestly the most incredible highlighter pallet I’ve ever seen. I love how universal the pallet is as Sophie has quite clearly tried to make darker shades for those of us with darker skin tones, but also included colours that could work for paler skin tones too.

However, the lighter shades on the left are a tad too light for me, so I often find myself mixing the top 2 right colours with the paler shades, to make it work for my skin tone and they are stunning!

Here are some swatches, so you can see what I mean.

Also, i’m not sure i’ll use the pink and purple shade as highlighters as those colours tend to intimidate me a little, as it can be so easy for it to look out of place and ruin a makeup look ( in my opinion.) However, if I took my time and applied them carefully they could easily be beautiful eye shadows along with the darker two on the bottom right.

In addition to this, I also find the consistency to be incredible. Although they’re a powder they are so buttery and creamy, and blend out like a dream. Also, they’re not too glittery which I do appreciate, as i’m not the biggest fan of chunky highlighters.

In conclusion. this is a wonderful highlighter and Id recommend it to anyone. Sophie really has done a lovely job with this, and its clear how much time and effort she has put into it – making it easily my favourite highlighter pallet.

~ littleharto x

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