Personal update… do I stop being an anonymous blog?

Hi guys,

As you know, this blog has been anonymous for 4 years. I call myself ‘little harto’ as I was very much inspired by Hannah Hart a few years ago  – and was also too scared to show my real self as I was scared of people in my real life finding this and bullying me for it.

However, I have now come to a time where I want to expand this. Although theres lots of comfort in being anonymous, I want to show full makeup looks like everyone else as I feel very restricted right now. But most importantly, I want to see how this grows if I start showing my true, authentic self rather than hiding behind ‘little harto.’  I am 22 now. I am out of college, and I am a grown adult who has a lot more confidence than I did at 17/18 years of age. I want to be more free and see where this takes me. I think im ready for that adventure.

I really hope I will have your support through this, as this is a big step for me. You guys have made me feel so validated and good about my content, so I hope this change is something you can all accept.

Thank you guys, see you soon x


-littleharto x



What I eat in a day – comfort food.

Hi guys! So lately, ive been really inspired by “What I ate” videos on youtube. I love seeing how other people try to be healthy and balanced, yet still incorperate treats into their diet. Firstly its because I’m a tad nosy, and secondly I love gaining new ideas and tips from them. I thought I’d have a go at my own, so lets get started.

Breakfast – Quaker Oats (Syrup flavour) with banana. I love porridge for breakfast. Although I dont always have time for it, I find it so filling and gets me off to a good, healthy start. However, if I dont have a flavoured pouch then plain porridge, banana and peanut butter, nutella or honey id a good alternative.

Lunch – Minestroni Soup with Croutons. Honestly. I can be a bit funny with soup. It has to be the kind with lots of chunky bits in, so this was my first choice. I added croutons to bulk it out even more, which made for a lovely filling meal.

Snack – Plain digestive biscuits and a cup of tea. I don’t think a day goes by where I don’t drink tea, it’s become a bit of a problem. I’m trying to swap it out for squash as a healthier alternative, however I will always love a good cuppa.

Tea – Sausage, Mash, Carrots, Peas and gravy. This is my all time favourite tea at the minute. Not too hard to make, packed with veggies (although baked beans are always good too) and comforting on days where I feel a bit rubbish. Perfect.

Thats all guys! I hope you enjoyed it, this post was a bit different for me. Whats your favourite comfort food?

– littleharto x

How I bullet Journal #2 (through quarantine).

 Hi guys, I hope you’re all well. So lately, I’ve been doing a lot of work to keep myself organised and productive – as I’ve had a pretty crazy few months. January felt a million years long, February brought massive change as I got a new job and found happiness, and march and early April have been all about the Corona Virus. I won’t dwell on the virus too much as I want this to be a positive place to relax, however being in quarantine has been tricky as my normal routine has gone. This is where bullet journaling comes in. During this time, i’ve spent more time bullet journaling, in order to try and keep things organised – as i’ve always needed lists and structure to do well. So, here’s an updated ‘ How I bullet Journal through quarantine.

Firstly, I’ve added lots of lists to my bullet journal. I still use my needs/wants list, but have also added goals for the year, Netflix watch lists, and lots of to do lists. This is because they help me feel more productive and accomplished – as keeping busy is really good for my mental health right now.  However, I do want to make it clear that I still have lazy Netflix days and encourage you to do the same, if that’s what helps. Although I choose to be mostly productive, were living through a major historical event so if you need to take it easy in order to cope, then that’s 100% okay!

Next, I use my bullet journal to create routines. This helps to ensure that I have some structure to my days, in order for me to feel a bit more normal. I have included a mix of things that I must do ( such as learning my driving theory) as well as things that are optional, such as going for my daily allowed walk. I think it’s been useful that I included optional things, as well as ‘free choice’ sections to my routine, because if I end up feeling anxious or down one day, I can choose to take it easier, and if that means do nothing, then I can do that with less guilt – as its part of my schedule anyway.  I can then just focus on the things that are non optional before relaxing. However, some days are more empty than others so I can swap and change things according to my mood too. This schedule is not set in stone and neither should yours be – as your own personal needs should always come first.

Finally, I like to mood track ( and yes, I will admit I stole that design idea from pinterest as I thought it was cute). This is one of my newer pages, and definitely one of my  more important ones. Ever since things changed in march, I have been feeling incredibly down and anxious. All I did was read the news and talk about the news. I completely submerged myself in it, and I did notice for two weeks that I was really down and not feeling like myself. So, as well as limiting my news intake to 10 minutes a day, I also created this mood tracker so I could have a visual reminder of how i’m coping at the moment, and if anything needs changing. For example, given the circumstances, I would say this looks okay and expected. However, if it was more blue and purple rather than yellow, that would be a visual hint to me that something needs changing asap in order to feel better.


Thats all guys. I know this ended up more brambly than previous posts, however, I feel like this is a more important one – so wanted it to be as unedited and genuine as possible. I really hope you enjoyed it. If you did, leave a comment about how you like to bullet journal!

Take care,

~ littleharto x

My Fitness Journey – living a healthier lifestyle. #1

Hi guys

So a few weeks ago, I joined a gym. The reason for doing this, was that I’ve been feeling very down for the past couple of months ( for reasons that I would rather not share online.). Didn’t really know how to get myself out of  the rut, I just didn’t feel okay with myself and somewhere along the way my confidence and self esteem had taken a hit. So ultimately, my goal  is to not only become stronger and feel healthier, I also needed something to help mentally. Although i’m not too far in and still learning a lot, I wanted to share my journey with you guys anyway and maybe it’ll be useful to someone.

So, here’s what I’ve learned so far:

  • No one is looking at you!!!!  Yes it does feel so awkward and daunting stepping into a full gym for the first time, with it being full of massive body builders. However, honestly, they really could not care less about how you look or what excersizes your’e doing. They’re too busy counting their reps, trying to keep themselves on track. If you still feel intimidated, take some music and earphones with you to block everything out, to help you focus on yourself and get things done. It also helps to wear cute gym outfits that you feel confident in – just so you don’t feel as bad if someone does accidentally glance your way for a second.


  •  Bring your own padlock and key. Although gyms provide these, there could always be an off chance that you could come in at a busy time of day, and they’ve ran out. So if you’ve always got your own personal ones, you never have to worry about that.


  • This leads on from the last point, but don’t bring any valuables to the gym. Obviously they cant have cameras in the changing rooms as people need privacy to change. That means that by law, they are not responsible for your locker potentially being broken into and items going missing ( they should have signs on the changing room door stating this, just so their backs are covered.) So, when storing things in the lockers I like to use the idea of only storing things that I wouldn’t care too much if they disappeared. Then keep just my phone on me in the actual gym. ( however if you like to swim, then maybe consider leaving your phone at home?) 


  •  Make a plan…. don’t just wing it. Decide before you go in, what excersizes you want to do and roughly how many reps/length of time itll take.  Maybe make a note in your phone if that helps. That way, it saves you wasting time and feeling awkward wandering around, not really knowing what do to – as you’ll have a plan set. However, if you’re new to the gym, don’t be too hard on yourself for taking slightly bigger gaps in between excersizes to find the next piece of equipment and feel the place out. You’ll get used to it soon enough, and the gaps will shorten.  


  • Adapt the plan to suit you. You may try a new excersize, and decide you don’t really enjoy it too much( for me, its running, ew.) . and that’s okay, swap it with something else. There’s no point forcing yourself to do what you don’t like, as it will just ruin the experience and make you dislike the gym. Also, don’t go crazy and all out with the machines if your’e a beginner.. adapt the excersize so you can cope better with it. Don’t be like me and go ott with bicep curls because you saw someone else do an amazing job with it.


  • Stretch as well as warm up!! Trust me, you’ll be so sore and full of regret if you don’t.
  •  Finally, remember to have fun!! the gym is not supposed to be a chore, and shouldn’t feel that way unless you put yourself in that mindset. Just go in with a mindset that you’re going to do your best and have a good time, and that’s all that counts. Honestly, I personally get so happy and excited when I see the gym is basically empty and I have all the space and time to do my best at whatever the excersize may be.  Also, once I get in the zone and am counting those reps I feel so good, all my problems are outside the gym doors and I only focus on what i’m doing in that moment. Its so therapeutic for me, and as well as feeling amazing afterwards – I get such a clear head from it.


Thats all for now guys. Do you go to the gym? If so, what are your tips?

~littleharto x

My Revolution Chocolate Bar Palettes.

Hi guys. So lately, ive realised that Ive really come to love the Revolution chocolate bar palletes. Although I still want more, I love my little collection so thought id share it with you. So, lets get into it.Naked Chocolate Palette – This was one of my oldest chocolate bar palettes, that I still use and love. Unlike the other 2 palettes, its got more cool toned neutrals and golds – which make it perfect for when im pailer on colder months. However, this has the old formula (It was one of the first 3 chocolate bars to be released) so its not quite as nice as my newer palettes formula as the shimmers dont seem as smooth. However, it still a good palette for the price!

– Chocolate Elixer Palette – Firstly, lets just point out the elephant in the room with this palette. Its an obvious dupe for the ABH Modern Rennesance palette. Im not mad at it though. These colours are stunning and can be used for both an easy day time look and a bold night time look. They also blend like a dream as they have the new (ish) formula. So if you want the abh palette but dont want to pay so much for it, this could be a good option for you.Naked chocolate – Finally, onto my favourite of the bunch. This palette is full of warm tones ,(Im a bit obsessesed with orangey-browns a the minute), with a few shimmers. This is just full of tones I gravitate towards the most.Again, it blends really nicelly. However, realistically speaking, it hasnt got many darker shades. So although it works for me, it may not work for someone with a darker skin tone.Thats all guys. Do you have any chocolate bar palettes? If so, which ones?-littleharto ♡

My personal goal to happiness.

Hi guys

Im just putting this here because maybe, if its published and out their, ill stick to this better. I hope so anyway. (If youre here for a proper blog post maybe look else where on my blog, as i wouldnt class this as a proper one)

I need to learn, to be comfortable being alone again. Ive confused wanting a relationship, with wanting to stop being lonely which is not okay.

I need to learn to enjoy my own company and to fill it with lots of things that I enjoy, such as shopping, netflix, reading, blogposts, baking ect.

I also need to make the most of surrounding myself with family and friends when i do see them.

I need to work on myself and my own personal goals (eg learning to drive). I need to make sure im always being the best version of me

I need to practice being happy again. Then, when im more secure in myself, i can start trying to make new friends.

This is not me. Somewhere along the way i became reliant on others creating my happiness, but honestly, i need to do that all on my own.

My Top 3 Jeffree Star Liquid Lipsticks

Hi guys. So, normally I’m not a huge fan of liquid lipsticks. I just never seem to get on with them due to their formulas… until now. Jeffrees Liquid Lipsticks, are in my opinion, a game changer. Now I refuse to buy them from any other brand, and just save up for Jeffrees as I’ve well and truly fallen in love. So, here are my top 3 and why I love them.

Mannequin – Mannequin is such a pretty, natural peachy colour. Its perfect for everyday wear, and can be used to create such a fresh spring/summer makeup look. Much like all of Jeffree’s liquid lip products, its very long lasting, pigmented and although its a little drying, its not dried out my lips as much as other brands – so im not mad at it. In my opinion, its perfect for people who are a bit afraid of bold lip colours, but want a little something.

Gemini – This is such a stunning pink shade, again perfect for Spring/summer time. It can be used for both day and night looks and truthfully, I feel so confident and good about myself when I wear it. (You know how red lips make some girls feel? This gives me that feeling.) Agaim, the formula is the same as Mannequin.

Unicorn Blood – Finally, this lipstick is perfect for autumn, winter, and nights out. Its a deep burgundy colour. Although this colour is lovely, like most red toned lipsticks, you’d need to use a lipliner before applying this – or else it can get a little messy. However, once its on and dry it doesn’t budge, much like the others.

Thats all guys, what do you think about them? Do you own any? x

-littleharto ♡

How I bullet Journal

Hi guys.

So, lately, ive had a messy head and had to remember lots of things. Im also a creative person, so need a place to put my ideas down. Therefore, I decided to try bullet journalling to try and organise things, as I was starting to become super stressed.

Heres how I lay out my journal :

As you can see, I like lists. I tend to keep my layout super simple like this, as its easy to read and tick things off as I go. I find tick lists also make me feel very accomplished and motivated, when im struggling to get started. Plus, im not the best at art – so find this layout easier to do, rather than attempt drawing out a complicated, insta worthy page. However, i do enjoy little doodles.

I also like bullet journalling because writing things down helps me to remember them. My good friend gave me some amazing advice the other day, so I wrote it down so id remember it.

Finally, I bullet journalling helps me organise my finanses and be an adult (I didnt take a photo of this page, as its super personal.). Just writing it all out and doing the maths is super helpful, and helps keep me on track.

Thats all guys.

Do you guys Journal? If so, what do you put in yours? Let me know in the comments below.


My new years resolutions. 2019

Hi guys. So as I write this, I’m currently feeling pretty Meh. the fun of December is gone, its gloomy outside and today is my last day off before I’m swept back up into reality.  Therefore, I thought i’d shed a little bit of positivety and light onto both myself, and those of you who may have found yourself in the same position as me. So, lets begin.

My resolutions.

  1. To start my driving lessons. I know, I know, I’ve been saying it for years. ” Yes, ill start driving”, ” Yes, ill be driving by next year”, ” yes, I want more freedom, i’m getting a car!” however have I actually done that yet, or have I instead procrastinated the idea for a little over 6 months where I could’ve actually used that time to get started? Yep, of course I have. I’m in full time work now so there are no more excuses. Once my tattoo is payed for in February and all of that is finished, I shall start putting larger chunks into my driving lesson savings and gets started. Realistically I may have been a little harsh, I may need more than a year to learn, pass tests and get the actual car – but as long as I make an actual effort to get lessons in then that’s what matters.
  2. Be kinder to myself. Towards the end of this year, I’ve become harsh on myself again. I know its good to hold yourself to certain standards, but quite frankly, at this point I’m getting myself down. Almost too worked up to do anything about my feelings, and instead stay in bed with the covers over my head, wallowing in the feelings. That’s no good. Its not healthy. As long as i’m trying my best that’s all that matters, if any problems come along the way then talk! Be more forgiving and gentle to myself, and i’ll be fine.
  3.  Leading on from this, do talk to friends and family if things become too much. Don’t keep it all in, that never ends well.  I am not a burden, and my friends to care about me. They want me to be okay and care, there’s no shame in asking for help/speaking out.
  4. Self care!! My oh my I’ve been slaking on this towards the second half of last year. The first half I was so good. Baths every Sunday night, and cleansing and moisturising every day. If I want to do better mentally, I must stop neglecting that side of things.
  5. Excersize. Again its another one that I do say every year but honestly, this year its become more important than ever that I do excersize. I find myself becoming very stressed, and the pill i’m on (Microgynon 30) can be known as the grumpy pill for its side effects, so I need all the better hormones I can get to relieve stress and feel better. For me, physical benefits are all just a bonus as i’m okay with my weight currently anyway.


I hope you enjoyed reading this. What are your new years resolutions? Leave them in the comments down below.

littleharto x

How I Manage My Anxiety

Hey guys.

So, as much as I love beauty posts, sometimes I like to write the odd lifestyle post here and there. Generalized Anxiety is something Ive suffered with for about 2 years, and its common for lots of others to have it – so thought id share my ways of coping.

Side note – all these tips were given to me by my therapist who is a qualified proffessional. However anxiety affects people differently so some of these may not work for you.

Lets get started.

1 – Drink less caffeine. Okay so I know this sounds obvious but it really does make a difference. I can’t even begin to explain the amount of times where I’ve been like ” Oh I feel anxious right now. I wonder why that is. Oh yeah… I drank 6 cups of tea today.” I won’t lie, I’m still guilty of doing this on the odd occasion but have cut down lots, so its a work in progress.

2 – Be productive. I know its hard and some times you physically cant move from your bed, and thats okay. However, the second you come out of that, write a list. Try and complete small easy tasks you can do now, and make a mini action plan for things that cant be done straight away. That way my mind can rest as ive actually tried to help myself.

3. Breathe. When im in the middle of it i breathe in slowly for 4 seconds, hold it for 4 seconds, then breathe out for 4 seconds. Breathing this way helps the body to sooth itself slowly, so is an easy way to calm down in the moment.

4 Write down the most likely and unlikely thing to happen, with reasoning. I found this was a gòod way to re-train my brain into logical thinking during anxious times, as anxiety really has no logic. Ive found it doesnt take the anxiety away completely but does take the edge off it, but again, this one may work differently (or not at all) for you and thats okay.

5 – Try to always surround yourself with positive people. Since cutting out judgemental people from my life and becoming closer to good, genuine people who actually care – ive felt a lot happier. Hanging around with people who drain you can be exhausting, and for a while I had to learn that being in my own company but feeling okay, was better than being surrounded by loads of people who didnt care for me at all – as you cant always be with your friends 100% of the time.

6 – Finally; if all else fails and you do find yourself having a panic attack, remember that (most of the time) they physically cant last longer than 20 minutes. So hang in there, breathe, and be gentle and kind to yourself in that moment. Thats all you can really do in that moment.

I hope these were helpful to some of you. Big hugs x

~littleharto x