My productive morning routine

Hey guys!

I don’t know about you, but morning routines, evening routines and day-in-the-life vlogs are definitely my favourite thing at the moment. I love being a little bit nosy and seeing how other people start and end their day, and how it may be different from my own routine. Today I thought I’d have a go myself, so lets get started.

Truthfully, the first thing I do when I wake up is pick up my phone and have a little ( or long ) scroll through social media. I just like to take these moments to reply to any messages I received during the night, and briefly update myself on what’s going on in the world right now.

When i’m finished scrolling, I get up and make my bed. This step is absolutely non-negotiable, because it means that i’m done sleeping and the day is starting whether my grumpy, pre-caffeinated self likes it or not. If I leave my bed a mess, it can be so easy to just crawl back in and go back to sleep, then before you know it you’ve wasted the best part of the morning. Plus, it always feels nicer getting into a made bed, rather than a messy one, at the end of the day.

I then stumble downstairs in my zombie like state, and make myself either a cup of tea or coffee. Tea is for most normal mornings, and coffee is for the odd occasions when i’m really struggling to so need something stronger to get me going.

If its a weekend or day off work, then i’ll start my morning excersize after my coffee has gone down. I usually do a 30 minute burst of hiit, however it depends how I feel on the day and how much time I have. I then will have a quick shower, brush my teeth and get dressed before having breakfast ( at the moment, it’s either shreddies or porridge with banana) as i’m usually starving at this point.

Finally, I’ll apply some light makeup ( very much similar to my minimal makeup routine), and put my hair up with a cute scrunchie, then head out of the door to start my day.

That’s all guys, although this was a bit of a different post I really hope you enjoyed it! What’s one part of your routine that you can’t go without?

Take care

~ Emma x

4 thoughts on “My productive morning routine

  1. Interesting routine you’ve got Emma. I used to check my phone first thing in the morning too but I stopped because it actually had a negative impact on me. I start my mornings by saying a prayer, greeting other family members and read a Christian devotional but if I’m working, I have my bath and brush first then head out almost immediately to beat the traffic then I do the devotionals on the bus.

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  2. I love morning routinue blog posts, thank you so much for sharing! I always start the day with a prayer, coffee, and normally rushing around for virtual school for the kiddo lol

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