Personal update… do I stop being an anonymous blog?

Hi guys,

As you know, this blog has been anonymous for 4 years. I call myself ‘little harto’ as I was very much inspired by Hannah Hart a few years ago  – and was also too scared to show my real self as I was scared of people in my real life finding this and bullying me for it.

However, I have now come to a time where I want to expand this. Although theres lots of comfort in being anonymous, I want to show full makeup looks like everyone else as I feel very restricted right now. But most importantly, I want to see how this grows if I start showing my true, authentic self rather than hiding behind ‘little harto.’  I am 22 now. I am out of college, and I am a grown adult who has a lot more confidence than I did at 17/18 years of age. I want to be more free and see where this takes me. I think im ready for that adventure.

I really hope I will have your support through this, as this is a big step for me. You guys have made me feel so validated and good about my content, so I hope this change is something you can all accept.

Thank you guys, see you soon x


-littleharto x



My Tattood skincare routine

Hey guys, So on this blog, I have already dipped into the idea of tattoos. I only have one so far (but would love to get more soon) but have found myself slipping into a bit of a routine, in order to keep my tattoo looking as new as possible, for as long as possible. I mean tattoos are expensive so it really does pay to take care of them. As soon as my tattoo was completely healed, I was already in a bit of a routine (wash, dry and bepanthenal it) so just had to tweek it the tiniest bit.

Firstly, as the tattoo starts at the top of my ankle, When I shave my legs every 2/3 days – I like to make sure to go over the part of my tattoo that gets stubley. That might seem like an obvious thing to do, but I just feel like the tattoo looks better when its completely hairless. (This is obviously personal preference though – you do you.)

Next, I like to exfoliate my tattoo once a week, as dead skin can make tattoos look duller than they really are. As the tattoos already healed it doesn’t matter too much which scrub you use, so I use the Soap and Glory Pulp Friction Foamy Fruity Body Scrub as it smells so good.



Finally, I like to pat my tattoo dry and apply some moisturiser to it, to prevent the tattoo going all dried up. Again, I don’t think it matters what moisturiser you use, so I use the Soap and Glory Righteous Butter as it always leaves my skin feeling so smooth and pampered.

Do you guys have any tattoos? And if so, what products do you like to use to care for them?


~ littleharto x