Peachy spring/summer eyeshadow look using the Sleek A New Day pallet.

Hey guys!

So today I thought id try and start doing simple makeup tutorials for you guys. Im not a makeup artist so appologize if I dont do things right – but this is just how I like to do it. So lets get started!

1. Ive already put the collection lasting perfection concealer on my eye as a base, so put this cream shade all over my eyelid and crease to set it.

2, next, I like to add a light transition shade to make sure the darker colours are easier to blend out. Im just putting this matte light brown all over my crease, using windscreen wiper motions.

3 Now I like to add this orangey peach colour into my crease, ontop of where I put my transition shade. Again, I blend it out using my windscreen wiper motions to make it look seamless.

4 Next, I like to take my ring finger and dip it into the shimmery peachy colour at the bottom, then pack it onto my eyelid. Afterwards, I take out my blending brush from before, and blend out the edges so there isnt a harsh line between the crease and lid.

5 Now, I take my orangey peachy colour from step 3 and use a small detailing brush,to run this colour under my eyelids.

6 Next, I like to take this dark matte brown on a small angled brush, and put this colour along my lashline, to make it look like my lashes are thicker.

7 to finish, I coat my lashes in a few layers of black mascara to complete the look. I only like to do my top lashes, but you can do the bottom ones too if you like.

And thats it! I hope you enjoyed this, should i do more in the future?

~littleharto x

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