For those days where you feel… meh.

Hi guys. So as we all know, life is far from perfect at the moment. Some of us are trying to build new routines and get back on our feet, others are settling back into a pre-existing routine and schedule that we’d lost for a while. This can be a scary and daunting time.. although were also not always scared. Sometimes we just feel.. meh. Not particularly happy, but also not hysterically crying with tissues and The Notebook. I guess it’s a bit of a weird funk that passes by every so often, it happens. So, here are my tips of when Im feeling.. meh. Enjoy!

  1. Read a book. Honestly, this sounds like the most repeated, boring thing ever – however it has actually made such as massive impact to me regardless. Life has been weird lately, so to combat bad feelings, or the ‘meh’ feeling, I love to surround myself with positive influences ( More on that in a mo…) and strong, independent women who have appear to have made it.. whatever that means. My favourite author is Melanie Murphy. Yes, i’m well aware that she’s also a youtuber but her book ‘ Fully Functioning Human, Almost” has literally changed the way i think and live in all the most wonderful ways. I’m not sure where i’d be without her positive, thoughtful input over the past 5 years. So maybe, if reading is your thing, pick up a new book and read it! Even if its not one of those cheesy, cliche self help books, a good fiction story may lift your mood and offer positive distraction.

2 . Okayyyy okay so maybe reading really isn’t your strongest point. Instead, i’d highly recommend diving into youtube. There’s so much content on their, however i’m personally drawn to life style, beauty, and fashion bloggers. Some favourites include Sophie and Dave, Melanie Murphy (duh), Jessica Brennan, and Allie Gilnes. No matter what your taste is, there’s always something to perk you up and bring a little joy to your day, even if that includes watching panda bears roll around with their pals.

3. Do something nice for another person. Although self care will always be important, it’s also important to consider the impacts of showing care and love to others. For example, if you heard your friend was going through a sad, hard time, you could send them a little gift or letter through the post. Or maybe even a nice text, to show you care. Although youre helping the other person in that moment, the action is sure to offer you a feeling of satisfaction and happiness in return. This can be such a selfless, lovely way of feeling better about yourself which may get you out of the funk, while also caring for others at the same time. Win – win!

4 . Smile more. No… don’t do that creepy smiley face at every person you see. You know.. the I’m 🙂 going 🙂 to 🙂 get 🙂 you 🙂 in 🙂 your 🙂 sleep 🙂 smile. Nope, that’s not the one. What I mean is, maybe if you see someone in the street who looks a little sad, give them a nice smile as you go buy. Most of the time they should smile back. Or, vise versa, smile back at people who smile at you in the street. Although it’s such a small action, I find it really brightens my mood in that moment if someone gives me a nice smile, as well as makes me appear as nice and approachable. Also, It may also make them feel good too. So go on, do it… what’s the worst that can happen?

I hope some of these tips were helpful. Let me know in the comments what you like to do to shrug off negative feelings

Take care

~ Emma x