Pink-Plum eyeshadow look – Naked Cherry

Hi guys, so today I thought I’d try something a little bit different. Seeing as were in lock down, I thought what better time to play with more daring eye-shadows that I may have been to scared to explore previously. Today i’ve been exploring with the deeper, more purple shades from the Naked Cherry Palette. I’m both surprised and happy with how much I liked this look, so I really hope you guys like it too.  Lets get started.

  1. Firstly, I took the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in the shade Fair, and put it all over my eyelid, right up to the brow bone. I also put some underneath my eye to cover my dark circles, before blending it in. However, if you don’t have this concealer that’s okay, you can use any that you may have at hand.

       2. Next, I took the shade ‘Hot Spot’ and dusted that all over where I just put the concealer to set it.  I then took some sticky tape and stuck it down in the corner of my eyes, going up to the ends of my eyebrows – this will be important later on. However, remember to stick it on and peel it off the back of your hand first, to remove some of the stickiness first. This will prevent it tugging at your eye.

         3.  Using the crease brush included in the palette, I took the shade ‘Caution’ and blended it into my crease, to use as a transition colour. I then went over this shade with the colours ‘bang bang’ and ‘feelz.’ remembering to take my time to blend. Taking the time to blend each layer really does help the end outcome.

          4 Next, I took the shades ‘Bing’ and ‘Devilish’ on the crease, and outer corners but slightly below the colours we just applied. Don’t worry if this looks a little messy now, this is what the tape is for! So long as its blended, your all good.

         5.   Our last matte shade for this look is ”Privacy.” Take a teeny, tiny dab ( be careful, its super pigmented) and put this in your inner corner, blending it well. Once this is finished, you can take the shade ” Caution” and ever so lightly blend the edges of the crease so it all blends in beautifully.

         6. Now, taking the shade ”Young love” apply this onto the lid with your ring finger. I personally like the effect, but if you want it more intense you can pic up the shadow then apply setting spray to your finger, before patting it into the eyelid.

          7. This part is where the tape comes in. Get your favourite black eyeliner ( I used the Super Cat Eyeliner by Soap and Glory.) and draw a thin line on your lash line, starting from the middle. Then, you decide where the tip of your wing will be (on the tape) and draw a line down to the centre of your eyelid, so the two lines match up. Fill in the wing and draw your thin line closer to the inner corner of your eye. ( If youre still unsure, feel free to use my picture as a visual aid. However, you can always do your own wing without tape if you like – This is just my own personal preference.)

            8. Finally, peal away the tape slowly and carefully. You should  finish with a neat, sharp line where the eyeliner and eye shadow have ended. To finish, take the shades ” feels” and ”juicy” and apply them close to your bottom lashes, and apply black mascara. I used the Maybelline Bambi Eyes Mascara for this.

Here’s my finished look   

That’s all guys, I hope you enjoyed it! This style of blog post is new-ish to me still, but I thoroughly enjoyed making it so would love to make more posts like this in the future.  If you try this tutorial, id love to hear how you got on!

-Emma x








Personal update… do I stop being an anonymous blog?

Hi guys,

As you know, this blog has been anonymous for 4 years. I call myself ‘little harto’ as I was very much inspired by Hannah Hart a few years ago  – and was also too scared to show my real self as I was scared of people in my real life finding this and bullying me for it.

However, I have now come to a time where I want to expand this. Although theres lots of comfort in being anonymous, I want to show full makeup looks like everyone else as I feel very restricted right now. But most importantly, I want to see how this grows if I start showing my true, authentic self rather than hiding behind ‘little harto.’  I am 22 now. I am out of college, and I am a grown adult who has a lot more confidence than I did at 17/18 years of age. I want to be more free and see where this takes me. I think im ready for that adventure.

I really hope I will have your support through this, as this is a big step for me. You guys have made me feel so validated and good about my content, so I hope this change is something you can all accept.

Thank you guys, see you soon x


-littleharto x



What I eat in a day – comfort food.

Hi guys! So lately, ive been really inspired by “What I ate” videos on youtube. I love seeing how other people try to be healthy and balanced, yet still incorperate treats into their diet. Firstly its because I’m a tad nosy, and secondly I love gaining new ideas and tips from them. I thought I’d have a go at my own, so lets get started.

Breakfast – Quaker Oats (Syrup flavour) with banana. I love porridge for breakfast. Although I dont always have time for it, I find it so filling and gets me off to a good, healthy start. However, if I dont have a flavoured pouch then plain porridge, banana and peanut butter, nutella or honey id a good alternative.

Lunch – Minestroni Soup with Croutons. Honestly. I can be a bit funny with soup. It has to be the kind with lots of chunky bits in, so this was my first choice. I added croutons to bulk it out even more, which made for a lovely filling meal.

Snack – Plain digestive biscuits and a cup of tea. I don’t think a day goes by where I don’t drink tea, it’s become a bit of a problem. I’m trying to swap it out for squash as a healthier alternative, however I will always love a good cuppa.

Tea – Sausage, Mash, Carrots, Peas and gravy. This is my all time favourite tea at the minute. Not too hard to make, packed with veggies (although baked beans are always good too) and comforting on days where I feel a bit rubbish. Perfect.

Thats all guys! I hope you enjoyed it, this post was a bit different for me. Whats your favourite comfort food?

– littleharto x

How I bullet Journal #2 (through quarantine).

 Hi guys, I hope you’re all well. So lately, I’ve been doing a lot of work to keep myself organised and productive – as I’ve had a pretty crazy few months. January felt a million years long, February brought massive change as I got a new job and found happiness, and march and early April have been all about the Corona Virus. I won’t dwell on the virus too much as I want this to be a positive place to relax, however being in quarantine has been tricky as my normal routine has gone. This is where bullet journaling comes in. During this time, i’ve spent more time bullet journaling, in order to try and keep things organised – as i’ve always needed lists and structure to do well. So, here’s an updated ‘ How I bullet Journal through quarantine.

Firstly, I’ve added lots of lists to my bullet journal. I still use my needs/wants list, but have also added goals for the year, Netflix watch lists, and lots of to do lists. This is because they help me feel more productive and accomplished – as keeping busy is really good for my mental health right now.  However, I do want to make it clear that I still have lazy Netflix days and encourage you to do the same, if that’s what helps. Although I choose to be mostly productive, were living through a major historical event so if you need to take it easy in order to cope, then that’s 100% okay!

Next, I use my bullet journal to create routines. This helps to ensure that I have some structure to my days, in order for me to feel a bit more normal. I have included a mix of things that I must do ( such as learning my driving theory) as well as things that are optional, such as going for my daily allowed walk. I think it’s been useful that I included optional things, as well as ‘free choice’ sections to my routine, because if I end up feeling anxious or down one day, I can choose to take it easier, and if that means do nothing, then I can do that with less guilt – as its part of my schedule anyway.  I can then just focus on the things that are non optional before relaxing. However, some days are more empty than others so I can swap and change things according to my mood too. This schedule is not set in stone and neither should yours be – as your own personal needs should always come first.

Finally, I like to mood track ( and yes, I will admit I stole that design idea from pinterest as I thought it was cute). This is one of my newer pages, and definitely one of my  more important ones. Ever since things changed in march, I have been feeling incredibly down and anxious. All I did was read the news and talk about the news. I completely submerged myself in it, and I did notice for two weeks that I was really down and not feeling like myself. So, as well as limiting my news intake to 10 minutes a day, I also created this mood tracker so I could have a visual reminder of how i’m coping at the moment, and if anything needs changing. For example, given the circumstances, I would say this looks okay and expected. However, if it was more blue and purple rather than yellow, that would be a visual hint to me that something needs changing asap in order to feel better.


Thats all guys. I know this ended up more brambly than previous posts, however, I feel like this is a more important one – so wanted it to be as unedited and genuine as possible. I really hope you enjoyed it. If you did, leave a comment about how you like to bullet journal!

Take care,

~ littleharto x