My new years resolutions. 2019

Hi guys. So as I write this, I’m currently feeling pretty Meh. the fun of December is gone, its gloomy outside and today is my last day off before I’m swept back up into reality.  Therefore, I thought i’d shed a little bit of positivety and light onto both myself, and those of you who may have found yourself in the same position as me. So, lets begin.

My resolutions.

  1. To start my driving lessons. I know, I know, I’ve been saying it for years. ” Yes, ill start driving”, ” Yes, ill be driving by next year”, ” yes, I want more freedom, i’m getting a car!” however have I actually done that yet, or have I instead procrastinated the idea for a little over 6 months where I could’ve actually used that time to get started? Yep, of course I have. I’m in full time work now so there are no more excuses. Once my tattoo is payed for in February and all of that is finished, I shall start putting larger chunks into my driving lesson savings and gets started. Realistically I may have been a little harsh, I may need more than a year to learn, pass tests and get the actual car – but as long as I make an actual effort to get lessons in then that’s what matters.
  2. Be kinder to myself. Towards the end of this year, I’ve become harsh on myself again. I know its good to hold yourself to certain standards, but quite frankly, at this point I’m getting myself down. Almost too worked up to do anything about my feelings, and instead stay in bed with the covers over my head, wallowing in the feelings. That’s no good. Its not healthy. As long as i’m trying my best that’s all that matters, if any problems come along the way then talk! Be more forgiving and gentle to myself, and i’ll be fine.
  3.  Leading on from this, do talk to friends and family if things become too much. Don’t keep it all in, that never ends well.  I am not a burden, and my friends to care about me. They want me to be okay and care, there’s no shame in asking for help/speaking out.
  4. Self care!! My oh my I’ve been slaking on this towards the second half of last year. The first half I was so good. Baths every Sunday night, and cleansing and moisturising every day. If I want to do better mentally, I must stop neglecting that side of things.
  5. Excersize. Again its another one that I do say every year but honestly, this year its become more important than ever that I do excersize. I find myself becoming very stressed, and the pill i’m on (Microgynon 30) can be known as the grumpy pill for its side effects, so I need all the better hormones I can get to relieve stress and feel better. For me, physical benefits are all just a bonus as i’m okay with my weight currently anyway.


I hope you enjoyed reading this. What are your new years resolutions? Leave them in the comments down below.

littleharto x