Makeup Revolution Haul

Hey guys.

So in Stratford, I went to Superdrug to try and find some Makeup Revolution products, after seeing so many positive things about them online. If I could, I would’ve brought one of everything as it was all amazing, but unfortunately I had limited money and time so picked up these things…

The first thing I bought was the I ♡ Makeup, Death By Chocolate pallet. These eyeshadows are so pigmented and are easy to blend out, allowing you to create some stunning looks. Also, can we take a moment to appreciate how both the packaging is adorable, and the eye shadow really does smell like chocolate! Its definetly a perfect dupe for some of the two faced makeup, if you want a cheeper alternative thats good quality.



Another eyeshadow pallet I love is the Flawless pallet. These colours range from light pinks and browns that make a suntle every day look, to navy blues with silver shimmer, to create a special night out look. Again, the colours are very pigmented, and the packaging just looks so professional and classy.



Moving onto lipsticks, Ive always been a fan of a red lip with a nude eye so picked up the Duel Matte rosegold lipstick. This lipstick is such a beautiful red, although it comes out slightly brighter on the lip. Also, id reccomend moisturising your lips before putting it on, as matte lipsticks can be sometimes dry them out. Besides this, I still think the quality of the lipstick is good, so will definetly be reaching for it a lot in the near future.


As I’m not a big fan of blusher, and have lots of bronzer, I feel like having a good highlighter is a must. This is why I picked up the Vivid Baked highlighter. The thing I love most about this is that it had a little bit of shimmer in it, giving you the most beautiful, glowing skin. Its perfect accompaniment to create a goddess-like, sunkissed look with a good quality bronzer!


Lastly, I bought a the Amazing Makeup Fixing spray, as I often find that my makeup fades throughout the day so needs a little something to keep it looking fresh and new.


Thats all guys! If you have any makeup revolution favorites, let me know in the comments, as id love to try more of their products in the future.

-littleharto ♡

5 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution Haul

    • Its mine too – I swear by this brand now as its so good. I could do with more matte shades though ( just as personal preference) to go with my glittery eye shadows, so might look into getting the all matte pallet. I think i can already see a massive collection and obsession coming with these palets 😂

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