My 5SOS Concert Experience

Hey guys.

So last thursday ( the 14th of April)  I went to go and see 5SOS live at their Sounds Live Feels Live tour in Birmingham. This was my first ever concert so I didn’t really know what to expect, but I was far from dissapointed.

( I also appologize for the quality of the photos – I wasnt fussy when taking them as I wanted to enjoy my time there, rather than faffing around taking 474286 pictures 🙈)

Anyway, lets get into it….

Well firstly, let me tell you the frustration I felt. Me and my friends were sat in Starbucks in the NEC looking through Twitter. Everything was chilled, but one of the 5SOS update accounts posted saying Luke was meeting fans outside the back of the arena. So me and my friends ran across the street, but ending up missing him by 13 minutes. It’s safe to say, that will irritate me for the rest of my life.

However, I did meet some lovely girls there, so it wasnt all bad. Unfortunately I didnt get their names ( appart from 2) so if you happen to read this, thanks for making me feel so included and not so awkward in the line that day. 💖

After getting some merch in the arena, we all found our seats and waited for the support act. Jessarae was incredible – much better than id expected. To me, his music sounds a little bit like country, and the few songs we did hear were beautifully written with a lot of meaning. Before seeing him live I probably wouldnt have found his music, but after being so charmed by him I’ll definetly be making the effort to keep up to date with his music.

As this was my first ever concert, I wasn’t sure what to expect when 5SOS came on. I knew theyd be loud, but I never anticipated the adrenalin it gives you. As soon as the lights go down and the crowd screams, you don’t even think about it before youre screaming along too. Plus the sheer excitement of someone youve listened to for years being infront of you is an unbelievable feeling.

I also loved how carefree I felt at the time. Normally, id probably be very self concious so wouldnt sing and dance infront of people – but once youre in there surrounded by others doing the exact same thing your worries leave you. Youre insecurities are left at the arena doors, and it feels like time isn’t passing as you truly understand what it is to feel alive.

Also, I recommend just listening when the crowd sings to the act, or take a few seconds to stop dancing, breathe and look around you when the whole arena is lit and sparkling with thousands of flashlights. Its such a breathe taking and slightly overwhelming feeling. Its so beautiful and very nearly brought me to tears in Amnesia – it was just indescribable.

Moving onto what 5SOS actually did, they were so interactive with us. You could tell they enjoyed how “rowdy” and “lively” ( Luke and Michael’s exact words) the crowd was. They told us little stories, got us to get involved ( we attempted to copy Michael’s low notes – him forgetting were not all 20 year old australian boys), and joked around a little bit. They were also so happy and enthusiastic, which encouraged the crowd enjoy every minute of it as we didnt stop dancing and singing our hearts out for the full hour and a half. Im sure there wouldve been a lot of sore throats and lost voices the next morning 😂

I feel like this post was hard to write as its difficult to capture how amazing the experience was with words – but all I know is it was a night ill never forget.