Mini LUSH haul- March 2018

Hey guys!

So a few weeks ago, I went shopping in Stratford, and visited Lush. I always enjoy going into Lush, the people who work there are always so lovely and give amazing recommendations – so I thought i’d share the few things I brought. Also, I will add a little twist by showing how they look in the bath and what I thought of them, incase youre on the fence of buying them.

Right that’s enough rambling, lets get started.

The first thing I picked up was the Dragons Egg Bath Bomb. I brought this a few years ago, however I made a very stupid mistake. I left the bath running and we ran out of hot water. I’d been faffing around making hot chocolate and getting my bath-time set up all nice so didnt even think to check the water, before dropping it in. So unsurprisingly, its not so fun in cold water aha.

However I have learnt my lesson, so brought it again as my experience was a bit sad last time. The smell was lovey, its so sweet and reminds me of sugary lemon sweets you might get find in old fashioned sweet shops. I also loved how colourful it is on the inside. It looks a bit plain in its white shell, but inside is a mix of red, blue, pink and yellow, which turns the bath into a lovely orange colour at the end. However, this did have a lot of fine glitter in and i’m not the biggest fan of glitter, so if you’re not either then I’d skip this one.


Next, I purchased the Baby Bot bath bomb. This one is so adorable, and smells like lavender and chamomile – making it perfect for sleep and calming anxious minds. Although the picture below doesn’t do it too much justice, it turns the bath a beautiful, bright blue colour, adding to the calmness of it all. However, although it smells lovely in the water and as it is, the smell doesn’t really stay on your skin afterwards. I’m not too bothered though because although it would’ve been nice, it did make me clean and calm so its still done its job.


Finally, I purchased the Sex Bomb Bath bomb. Firstly, it has such a lovely light, floral, jasmine scent. The smell stays on your skin ever so slightly after getting out of the bath, but it doesnt really last that long. Next, although it does turn the bath a beautiful colour, the rose in the middle does turn into a weird gooey flubber thing once it comes apart from the bathbomb itself (if youve tried this before then you’l get what i mean) . Like i kind of get where they were going with the whole idea of it – but it was weird feeling a slimy blob tough my thigh. However if youre into bathbombs leaving bits floating in the bath, you might like it.

Thanks for reading, let me know which LUSH product is your favourite in the comments below! x

~littleharto x

March favorites 2016

Hey guys! A little while ago, I went shopping in Stratford and brought a few different things, so thought id share them with you all. ( Just a side note, I did a massive shop in superdrug there, so may upload that as a part 2 next Tuesday. We’d be here for a good half an hour if I go through everything I got on the same blog post 😂)

So lets get started…

First, I always make a point of looking in Lush as they sometimes have a lot of the seasonal things in when I visit – and id heard a lot of good things about the Bunch Of Carrots bubble bar. The thing I love the most about these are that they smell so fresh and citresy – a little bit like a homemade, chilled fruit salad . Also, they can be used either individually or together, making the bath a beautiful colour every time. However, it does have a tiny amount of glitter in so if you hate glitter, then this one may not be for you.


Although this product is not seasonal – its definetly an oldy but goody. The Comforter makes the bath such a pretty purply/pinky colour and smells, to me, like black current sweets from my childhood. Also, this would be perfect to put in the bath when youve had a long, hard day as the scent can help you wind down and relax. ( as implied by the name.)


In superdrug, as well as going a big one branded splurge, I picked up one thing which I find so useful as spring is here and summer isnt far off.
This was the Rimmel BB cream in the shade Light. Although this product states that it does a large amount of things, it definetly does not dissapoint. It easily blends into this skin leaving a flawless effect, while also moisturising the skin. This also is really light on the skin, which is useful as the weather gets warmer, because some foundation can feel heavy and gross on your skin if you’re all sweaty.


Honestly, its become no secret that I have a slight obsession with flower crowns, so picked up this stretchy buttercup one. I feel like this adds a nice little touch to cute dresses and tops in the summer, while also helping to keep your hair out of your face as it can be used as either a head band, or simply be placed ontop of your head like an actual flower crown.


Onto books, I have been loving “The Enchanted  Forrest” adult colouring book by Johanna Basford. As im one of those people who get very stressed out and worry a lot, I love to just take 20 minutes or more out to block out the world and colour in all these intrecet designs – allowing me to calm down as I focus on the picture. Also, all the pictures are so beautifully hand drawn, so is unlike anything else I’ve seen before.


So thats all for now guys, let me know in the comments what youve been loving this march – id love to know.

-littleharto ♡