Hey guys.

At least once a month (Ideally once every week or two – but thats not always possible) its important to take some time out. Life can be difficult and cause us a lot of unnessesary stress, that it can make us to forget to take care of ourselves. So, heres some of the ways I like to relax, which might be useful to you too.

One thing I do is if the weathers nice, I take a long walk. This is useful because I tend to get awful cabin fiever, so if I havent left the house in at least 4 or 5 days, then I feel really agitated and nervous. Also, it walking helps to keep my stress levels down, as well as keep me fit!

The only problem is that this can be difficult to do in the winter, when the weathers to gross to go outside. So, what I usually like to do is sit by an open window and write in my journal. By doing this, I can still get the fresh air I need and release any stress that I might be feeling.

From time to time, these things might not be enough though. If thats the case, I run myself a big bubble bath with my favorite Lavender scented bath products – and stick on some calm music in the background. ( At the minute, its anything by Chester See or Hobbie Stuart.) The steam, light smell of lavender and soft music always seems to calm me down, so im ready for an early night.

Once im comfy and snuggled down in my bed, I love to listen to ASMR if I can’t sleep. Im aware that its not everyone’s cup of tea, but it works for me every time.
Theres only two people who I like to listen to, but theyre both so different. Emma Whispers Red does your stereotypical whispers and touching different objects, however Gael Force ASMR is so much more chatty, as he talks you through stories from Irish Mythology with soft beautiful music in the background.
It usually depends on my mood as to which artist I listen to, but they both have plenty to choose from so theres something for every occasion.

I hoped some of this helped! Let me know in the comments what helps you calm down when youre stressed.

-littleharto ♡