The British Tag

Hey guys!

I haven’t wrote anything in a while and do enjoy doing the occasional tag, so here you go!

How many cups of tea do you have a day, and how many sugars

Usually 3 or 4 at the most, with 2 sweeteners . ( theyre not as bad for you as sugar, and I can hardly tell the difference )

Favorite part of your roast?

Definetly the roast potatoes. Sometimes theyre roasted with garlic and rosemary, other times theyre sprinkled with seasoning – and theyre always delicious!

Favorite dunking biscuit?

Chocolate chip buiscuits, or chocolate bourbons.

Favorite quintissentially british pastime?

Maybe going out to a nice pub and having a calvery on a sunday,  because my family always used to do that in the summer when I was younger.

Favorite word?

“Faffing.” Im not sure why, but I say it quite a lot.

Cockney rhyming slang?

I dont know much cockney rhyming slang, other than “apples and pears”.

Favorite sweet?

Sometimes, on the rare occasion, I love chocolate lime sweets. Theyre basically a hard, boiled lime sweet wigh chocolate in the middle. It probably sounds weird, but theyre so nice.

What would your pub be called?

My grandma was the reason I took interest in baking/cooking in the first place, so I feel like itd only be fair to name it after her. Also, its always a real treat as she bakes everything from scratch, so maybe “Val’s homemade treats” or something like that. Im not sure.

No.1 british person?

Zoe Sugg ( aka Zoella) . Ive watched her videos for a few years now, and she always comes across as such a lovely person in her vlogs. Plus I kind of wish I could do my makeup as well as she can!

Favorite shop/resturant

A resturant I love is The Harvester. Its a tad expensive, but the meals are amazing – plus you cant go wrong with a free salad bar.

What British song pops into your head?

All About You by Mcfly. Ive loved this band for a good 10 years ( so since I was 8 years old) and all their old songs will always be my favorite because they bring back so many memories.


Yuck, I hate it! I’d sooner have Bovril on toast instead.

Thats all guys, I hope you’re having a lovely day and ill be back very soon with a new blog post!

-littleharto ♡











I feel like I’m not the best at introductions, but feel like this is nessessary so people can understand my blog before reading my actual posts. So, lets just get straight into it.

I’m an 18 year old girl living in the UK, but choose to stay anonymous as I want to be able to express myself effectively and speak my mind – without people I know in real life judging me, and treating me differently because of this.

So why are you called “littleharto” I hear you ask. Well, I am only 5’5 – so i’m not that tall really. Also, a youtuber called Hannah Hart ( also known as MyHarto and YourHarto on Youtube) has recently become very special to me for multiple reasons, so gave me the inspiration to start writing again. ( if you want, I might go into depth in a future blog post.)

Finally, in this blog I will write basically anything from favorites to mini rants – although i’m not 100% decided on that yet so it could change in the future.

So thats it for my first blog post – I hope you all have a lovely day. 🙈

– littleharto ♡