Warm summer eyeshadow – Naked Honey tutorial and review.

Hey guys,

One of my favourite eyeshadow colours is gold. I have brown eyes, so find gold really compliments my eye colour. I’ve also had compliments on it, so thought it would be a good idea to get a nice gold eyeshadow pallete. I picked up the Naked Honey pallete and decided to try it out so I could share my thoughts with you guys. Lets get started.

Firstly, after applying concealer to my lid, I blended it out and dusted the shade Flyby all over the lid. Next, I took the shades sweet on a fluffy brush through my crease, before using the same fluffy brush to apply Swarm and Keeper over the top, and also run it along my bottom lash line. I then used a clean fluffy brush to soften the edges, before using my finger to apply the shade Amber all over the lid. To create a slight halo eye effect, I took the shade HBIC and tapped in the centre of my lid. Finally, I used a small angled brush and the shade String and placed this along my lash line – to make my eyelashes appear thicker before applying a black mascara.

My thoughts are that although I love my other naked palette, this one is definitely my favourite! I’ve worn this look on previous nights out and I’ve always had compliments on how it makes my eyes look – which I haven’t had with any other pallet before. I also find that these colours are quite special because they’re not just your normal matte browns and gold shimmers, they have a yellowy mustard tone to them which is something I haven’t seen before from other brands.

Aside from it being different, it’s also such an incredible quality – as all the Naked palettes are. Both the shimmers and mattes are very pigmented, blend beautifully and look stunning on the eye. They are also super creamy and buttery. My only complaint is I wish the first cream shade was matte as thats what I prefer, but I have lots of matte cream shades so that doesn’t matter really. Overall, this is a wonderful pallete that can be used all year round, and is definitely worth the money.

Whats your opinion on this pallete? Let me know in the comments below.

Take care

~ Emma x

Honest Soph X Revolution Review

Hi guys!

Okay okay, so I admit I may be a little bit late to the party on this one. As you may or may not know, I did a review on the Soph X Revolution highlighter palette a few years ago ( Here’s the link if you haven’t seen it https://littleharto.wordpress.com/2018/01/24/review-on-the-soph-x-makeup-revolution-highlighter-palette/ ) But since then, i’ve spent a lot of time umming and arring over her eye shadow palette. However, I finally caved and brought it, and have given it a fair go so I could write a review for you all! Lets get started.

Firstly, I love the packaging. The pallet comes with a matte creamy casing, and a big mirror on the inside, not only is it handy, but it also looks quite aesthetically pleasing. However, the packaging does tend to look quite grubby fairly quickly. I’m not too bothered by that, but it may be something to think about if it does bother you.

Onto the actual eyeshadow. The pallete contains 14 matte and 10 shimmer shades. They range in lots of different colours, from your every day nudes, to bright colours, to metalic shimmers. There really is something for everyone, which can be ideal if youre just starting out with makeup and aren’t sure what your preferences are yet.

Let’s talk about the mattes. They are incredible! They are so pigmented and blend so easily – they very much remind me of high quality mattes such as the urban decay shadows. Buttery and easy to work with, but can also be build-able if you use a careful, light hand. My Favourite mattes are Rosewood, Iced Coffee, Tiramisu, and Cuppa Tea.

However, i’m kind of sad to say that I don’t really love the shimmers as much. Some of the colours, such as Smokey Bronze and Copper Coin are stunning, but others don’t work for me. I find the pinky shimmer really crumbly, and I struggle to work with lighter shades like Grow Old and Fairy Lights. It’s almost like i’m trying to get the shimmer to come off onto my finger and onto my eyelid, but it just doesn’t want to come out of the pan. Therefore, although there are some stunning shimmers, they’re not too consistent.

Here’s some swatches.

My final thoughts, are that this pallet is still a good quality for £10. I would personally buy this pallet for the mattes alone, and some of the shimmers are stunning with very little fall out. What do you guys think of this pallete? Let me know in the comments below!

Take care,

~ Emma x

Pink-Plum eyeshadow look – Naked Cherry

Hi guys, so today I thought I’d try something a little bit different. Seeing as were in lock down, I thought what better time to play with more daring eye-shadows that I may have been to scared to explore previously. Today i’ve been exploring with the deeper, more purple shades from the Naked Cherry Palette. I’m both surprised and happy with how much I liked this look, so I really hope you guys like it too.  Lets get started.

  1. Firstly, I took the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in the shade Fair, and put it all over my eyelid, right up to the brow bone. I also put some underneath my eye to cover my dark circles, before blending it in. However, if you don’t have this concealer that’s okay, you can use any that you may have at hand.

       2. Next, I took the shade ‘Hot Spot’ and dusted that all over where I just put the concealer to set it.  I then took some sticky tape and stuck it down in the corner of my eyes, going up to the ends of my eyebrows – this will be important later on. However, remember to stick it on and peel it off the back of your hand first, to remove some of the stickiness first. This will prevent it tugging at your eye.

         3.  Using the crease brush included in the palette, I took the shade ‘Caution’ and blended it into my crease, to use as a transition colour. I then went over this shade with the colours ‘bang bang’ and ‘feelz.’ remembering to take my time to blend. Taking the time to blend each layer really does help the end outcome.

          4 Next, I took the shades ‘Bing’ and ‘Devilish’ on the crease, and outer corners but slightly below the colours we just applied. Don’t worry if this looks a little messy now, this is what the tape is for! So long as its blended, your all good.

         5.   Our last matte shade for this look is ”Privacy.” Take a teeny, tiny dab ( be careful, its super pigmented) and put this in your inner corner, blending it well. Once this is finished, you can take the shade ” Caution” and ever so lightly blend the edges of the crease so it all blends in beautifully.

         6. Now, taking the shade ”Young love” apply this onto the lid with your ring finger. I personally like the effect, but if you want it more intense you can pic up the shadow then apply setting spray to your finger, before patting it into the eyelid.

          7. This part is where the tape comes in. Get your favourite black eyeliner ( I used the Super Cat Eyeliner by Soap and Glory.) and draw a thin line on your lash line, starting from the middle. Then, you decide where the tip of your wing will be (on the tape) and draw a line down to the centre of your eyelid, so the two lines match up. Fill in the wing and draw your thin line closer to the inner corner of your eye. ( If youre still unsure, feel free to use my picture as a visual aid. However, you can always do your own wing without tape if you like – This is just my own personal preference.)

            8. Finally, peal away the tape slowly and carefully. You should  finish with a neat, sharp line where the eyeliner and eye shadow have ended. To finish, take the shades ” feels” and ”juicy” and apply them close to your bottom lashes, and apply black mascara. I used the Maybelline Bambi Eyes Mascara for this.

Here’s my finished look   

That’s all guys, I hope you enjoyed it! This style of blog post is new-ish to me still, but I thoroughly enjoyed making it so would love to make more posts like this in the future.  If you try this tutorial, id love to hear how you got on!

-Emma x








My Revolution Chocolate Bar Palettes.

Hi guys. So lately, ive realised that Ive really come to love the Revolution chocolate bar palletes. Although I still want more, I love my little collection so thought id share it with you. So, lets get into it.Naked Chocolate Palette – This was one of my oldest chocolate bar palettes, that I still use and love. Unlike the other 2 palettes, its got more cool toned neutrals and golds – which make it perfect for when im pailer on colder months. However, this has the old formula (It was one of the first 3 chocolate bars to be released) so its not quite as nice as my newer palettes formula as the shimmers dont seem as smooth. However, it still a good palette for the price!

– Chocolate Elixer Palette – Firstly, lets just point out the elephant in the room with this palette. Its an obvious dupe for the ABH Modern Rennesance palette. Im not mad at it though. These colours are stunning and can be used for both an easy day time look and a bold night time look. They also blend like a dream as they have the new (ish) formula. So if you want the abh palette but dont want to pay so much for it, this could be a good option for you.Naked chocolate – Finally, onto my favourite of the bunch. This palette is full of warm tones ,(Im a bit obsessesed with orangey-browns a the minute), with a few shimmers. This is just full of tones I gravitate towards the most.Again, it blends really nicelly. However, realistically speaking, it hasnt got many darker shades. So although it works for me, it may not work for someone with a darker skin tone.Thats all guys. Do you have any chocolate bar palettes? If so, which ones?-littleharto ♡

Honest Opinion on the Too Faced Natural Matte Palette.

Hi guys.

So, if you keep up with my blog then you may know I brought the Too Faced Natural Matte Palette (the one in the tin, about a month before they changed the packaging), and it was my first ever high end purchase. Since then, thats given me time to play with it and really make a solid opinion on it so I can offer a proper review.

So, the packaging is nice as the magnetic lid it useful for if you were to take it travelling, and its completely unique to my collection. However, after seeing the new packaging I wish they couldve put those exact colours and fomula into the new style pacakging (apparently theres slight changes) as it looks so much more luxurious.

Also; the product itself did not dissapoint. They all blend like an absolute dream and are pigmented, so creating looks is always effortless.

However; I do need to mention the price. This palette cost me £32. Yes im aware its meant to be a luxury, and preforms to a high standard so is meant to be a little more pricey. Although, i very much doubt ill be purchasing this again as some of my cheap, drugstore palletes (aka Makeup Revolution) perform almost the same way for a fraction of the price.

So to answer my own little question that lead me to buy the palette: are high end palettes really worth it?

If youre not phased by the price tag then sure, go for it as they are nice palettes. However, I dont think so and will be personally sticking to my trusty drugstore palletes that basically work the same way.

What are your opinions on this palette?

~LittleHarto ♡

The Too Faced Natural Matte Palette first impressions.

Hi guys.

So one thing I’ve always wondered, is if high end makeup is better than drugstore quality or lower. Plus I’ve never owned any high end makeup until now, and I was always left wondering what the hype is – and oh my gosh I definitely understand the hype.

So after a lot of research on Too Faced Products, I caved in and purchased the Natural Mattes palette ( after saying for years I would never buy high end makeup, but being swayed by the fact I can actually afford them now.) . It comes in tin packaging, however i’m not too sure how I feel about it. It just doesn’t feel as strong and sturdy as i’d imagined it to to be honest. Also, it has a really nice, good quality mirror inside which I appreciate.

However, the actual eye shadow is incredible. Granted it may take a tiny bit of building up, but it is so smooth and blends out like a dream. Plus I love my neutral mattes as theyre so easy to put on without too much thought or effort – so I feel like i’ll be getting a lot of use out of this. I’m so excited to create some looks with this and show you guys!

Do you guys have any too faced palettes? If so, what are your favourites?

~littleharto x

Peachy spring/summer eyeshadow look using the Sleek A New Day pallet.

Hey guys!

So today I thought id try and start doing simple makeup tutorials for you guys. Im not a makeup artist so appologize if I dont do things right – but this is just how I like to do it. So lets get started!

1. Ive already put the collection lasting perfection concealer on my eye as a base, so put this cream shade all over my eyelid and crease to set it.

2, next, I like to add a light transition shade to make sure the darker colours are easier to blend out. Im just putting this matte light brown all over my crease, using windscreen wiper motions.

3 Now I like to add this orangey peach colour into my crease, ontop of where I put my transition shade. Again, I blend it out using my windscreen wiper motions to make it look seamless.

4 Next, I like to take my ring finger and dip it into the shimmery peachy colour at the bottom, then pack it onto my eyelid. Afterwards, I take out my blending brush from before, and blend out the edges so there isnt a harsh line between the crease and lid.

5 Now, I take my orangey peachy colour from step 3 and use a small detailing brush,to run this colour under my eyelids.

6 Next, I like to take this dark matte brown on a small angled brush, and put this colour along my lashline, to make it look like my lashes are thicker.

7 to finish, I coat my lashes in a few layers of black mascara to complete the look. I only like to do my top lashes, but you can do the bottom ones too if you like.

And thats it! I hope you enjoyed this, should i do more in the future?

~littleharto x

Makeup Revolution – Rose Gold Lipsticks

Hey guys!

So about a week ago, I went shopping and purchased a Makeup Revolution Rose Gold lipstick in thr shade “Chauffeur”. As theres so much hype over these lipsticks, this was the only shade left at the time – so I’m currenly unable to give my opinion on the other shades.

However, im still super happy with this lipstick, so even though it was the last of the bunch, im glad I still picked one up.

Firstly, what can I say? The packaging of this lipstick is absolutely stunning. I adore rose gold at the minute so was bound to fall in love with it, and it also just looks so classy. I love how its a bullet shape cap so closes easily and the lid doesnt come off and float around in my bag. Plus, like all Makeup Revolution Lipsticks, its got a bit of collour at the bottom, so you can see exactly what youre getting.

Onto the actual product, its a lovely brown toned nude. It can compliment so many makeup looks, as well as give a slight shimmer for that extra wow factor!

However, my one slight niggle is that it isnt completely true on the lips and skin, as it is to the bullet. On the skin its a slightly lighter colour and less pigmented than it first seems – although its still very buildable and looks great on the lips. For that reason, I dont mind so much.

Thats all for now guys! Whats your favorite rose gold lipstick? If you dont have them yet, do you plan on getting any?

– littleharto  ♡

Current Makeup Collection – July 2016.

Hey guys.

Since I’ve started working and earning my own money – I’ve noticed how my make up collection has started to grow and become a bit healthier. Due to this, I decided it’d be a good time to show you guys what I have, and how I organise it.

My first box is where I keep my primers, and base products. The ones on the top are the ones I use the most such as the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer, Rimmel Match Perfection foundation, Rimmel Stay Matte poweder and my Nivea Men Post Shave Balm. 

However, the products at the bottom are what I use less as im just not that keen on them anymore. They’re my Avon foundations, and MUA colour correctors. Also,theres a random MUA red lipliner there, as I love it, but didn’t know where else to put it.

In this box, is my eye make up. This consists of my makeup revolution pallets, mascaras and smaller eye shadow kits. I put my make up revolution ones at the bottom, because even though I adore them; theyre quite big so sit better at the bottom, with the smaller eyeshadows on top. However, I do plan on buying more Revolution Pallets, so will soon have to find a new home for the small eyeshadows. 

As for the Mascaras, I still use them both regularly, so keep them on the top for easy access.

Onto my blush, bronze and highlight box, I put my Tanya Burr Cosmetics kit at the bottom as I use it the least, and its quite big compared to everything else. 

However, my favorites like the Revolution Vivid Bake highlighter, Avon blush in the shade “Soft Plum” and Rimmel matte bronzer are all at the top, as I adore them and reach out for them every time I do my makeup.

And last but not least, is my lipstick collection. On the left side, we have all the colours I use the most. These consist of my reds, golden nude and coral lipstick.

On the right are the colours I don’t use often, such as muted pink lipsticks and lipglosses. This may change as I haven’t tried pinks since the winter when I was pale -but now I have a tan I’ll soon be trying them again, to see if they suit me better this time.

Thats all for now! In the comments below, let me know what your favorite products are in your collection. Id love to know. 🙈

– littleharto ♡

My Current Favorite Lipsticks ( April 2016 )

Hey guys!

So after sorting out my makeup, I found some amazing lipsticks amongst my lipstick collection. ( Honestly, its getting a bit out of hand now 😂) So here are a few of the ones I love , that stand out the most amongst the bunch.


My first one is a Makeup Revolution lipstick in the colour “Duel Matte”. The actual lipstick itself looks quite deep and berry toned, when in actual fact it comes out much lighter on the skin. Although i do wish it was true to its word and more berry toned, its still very pretty and long lasting  which does make up for that factor.



Another lipstick that ive loved lately, is an Avon one in the colour Golden Nude. This colour is so pretty, and goes so well with a golden highlighter and goldy-Brown eye look, making it perfect for spring!



Im not 100% sure where this lipstick is from as it was a gift from 2 years ago for my prom makeup look. Honestly, after prom i’d forgotten all about it until I found it when I was clearing my makeup out, and I fell in love all over again. The Candy Sugar lipstick isnt everyone’s cup of tea, but the peachy-coraly colour is so beautiful and can be either dressed up or down to suit your mood or occasion.



Finally, my all time favorite is the Loreal Julianne’s Pure Red lipstick. Its so long lasting and is a colour that could look good all year around. Plus I do love a good matte lipstick as much as the next girl. I got it from Boots, although I don’t think its still in stock as it may have been limited edition. Hopefully they bring it back one day, because its definetly my favourite lipstick out of my whole collection!



That’s all for now guys. In the comments, tell me what your favorite lipsticks are at the minute. Id love to know.

-littleharto ♡