My Revolution Chocolate Bar Palettes.

Hi guys. So lately, ive realised that Ive really come to love the Revolution chocolate bar palletes. Although I still want more, I love my little collection so thought id share it with you. So, lets get into it.Naked Chocolate Palette – This was one of my oldest chocolate bar palettes, that I still use and love. Unlike the other 2 palettes, its got more cool toned neutrals and golds – which make it perfect for when im pailer on colder months. However, this has the old formula (It was one of the first 3 chocolate bars to be released) so its not quite as nice as my newer palettes formula as the shimmers dont seem as smooth. However, it still a good palette for the price!

– Chocolate Elixer Palette – Firstly, lets just point out the elephant in the room with this palette. Its an obvious dupe for the ABH Modern Rennesance palette. Im not mad at it though. These colours are stunning and can be used for both an easy day time look and a bold night time look. They also blend like a dream as they have the new (ish) formula. So if you want the abh palette but dont want to pay so much for it, this could be a good option for you.Naked chocolate – Finally, onto my favourite of the bunch. This palette is full of warm tones ,(Im a bit obsessesed with orangey-browns a the minute), with a few shimmers. This is just full of tones I gravitate towards the most.Again, it blends really nicelly. However, realistically speaking, it hasnt got many darker shades. So although it works for me, it may not work for someone with a darker skin tone.Thats all guys. Do you have any chocolate bar palettes? If so, which ones?-littleharto ♡

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